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There are many fascinating facts about men's health, especially in relation to cardiovascular disease. In this image, a man at the gym is smiling at the camera while holding a towel behind his neck.

21 Fascinating Facts about Men’s Health You Might Not Know

The average adult man is about 5-foot-6. He weighs 165 to 178 pounds, and he is expected to live about […]

There are many fun ways to walk for heart health. In this image, a woman is walking in the park while raising her arms in celebration.

Walk the Walk for Heart Health: Fun Ways to Get Your Body Moving

Do you love your daily stroll around the park or your neighborhood just to look at the birds and smell […]

Obesity increases the risk for COVID-19 complications for various reasons, as obesity itself opens people up to many health conditions. In this image, a medical provider takes a patient's temperature. Both are wearing masks over their nose and mouth.

Why Obesity Increases the Risk for COVID-19 Complications

We have repeatedly heard that seniors and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions may be more prone to suffer the negative […]

There are several ways to manage anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic. If you need help, reach out to a professional or speak with friends and family.

Managing Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For months, we have been inundated with reports about the coronavirus pandemic. Feeling anxiety and having concerns about our own […]

When it comes to the coronavirus, heart patients may be especially vulnerable to the symptoms. This image shows a woman wearing a face mask.

Coronavirus and Heart Disease: Cardiology Patients May Be More Vulnerable

Heart patients must be especially vigilant in protecting themselves against the coronavirus. Although COVID-19 is an upper respiratory infection, individuals […]

Nurse Practitioner Laura Nielsen has joined the Cardiology Associates of Michigan team.

Welcome Laura! Nurse Practitioner Joins Cardiology Team

Nurse Practitioner Laura Nielsen, FNP-BC, the newest addition to our team, says working for Cardiology Associates of Michigan is like […]

Physician Assistants Ann Boeskool and Laura Nielsen are Advanced Practice Providers available to care for heart patients' cardiovascular needs.

What’s an Advanced Practice Provider?

As a patient, you may have heard the term Advanced Practice Provider and wondered what that actually meant. We are […]

A light shines on a young woman during an eye exam. Eye health and heart health are related in several ways.

Your Eyes: The Windows to Your Soul (and Heart)

A love interest can often see what’s in your heart by looking deep into your eyes. But as for your […]

The relationship between hearing loss and cardiovascular disease is plain and simple: It’s about blood flow.

Listening for the Signs: The Relationship Between Hearing Loss and Cardiovascular Disease

Heart disease is often hard to detect until it has progressed, but knowing the telltale signs can help patients stop […]

A recent study found a link between bad cholesterol levels in people under the age of 45 and the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The Good, the Bad, and the In-Between: New Study Shows Cholesterol in Youths May Be Indicator of Future Heart Disease

The link between cholesterol and heart disease has been well-known for many years, but a recent study reinforces the idea […]