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There are many fascinating facts about men's health, especially in relation to cardiovascular disease. In this image, a man at the gym is smiling at the camera while holding a towel behind his neck.

21 Fascinating Facts about Men’s Health You Might Not Know

The average adult man is about 5-foot-6. He weighs 165 to 178 pounds, and he is expected to live about […]

There are several ways to manage anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic. If you need help, reach out to a professional or speak with friends and family.

Managing Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For months, we have been inundated with reports about the coronavirus pandemic. Feeling anxiety and having concerns about our own […]

Cardiologists monitor heart health through diagnostic services.

Mother and Son Rely on Cardiology Associates of Michigan to Monitor Heart Health

When Ryan experienced a heart attack in Mexico, there was no question about where he would be treated once he […]

For his 90th birthday, Charles K. of Eastpointe went skydiving. Seventeen years ago, he had open heart surgery through Cardiology Associates of Michigan.

From Skydiving to Woodcarving: Heart Patient, 90, Doesn’t Let His Age Keep Him Down

On June 30, 2018, he finally accomplished something he’s always wanted to do: skydiving. He owns and maintains his own […]

Stress affects your heart in numerous ways. Stress reduction tips can help ease the effects.

How Stress Affects Your Heart Health: Stress Reduction Tips You can Use

Whether the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is catching up to you, you have bills piling up, you […]

Many people believe that the Mediterranean Diet could help your heart.

How the Mediterranean Diet Could Help Your Heart

The word is still out on how much the Mediterranean Diet could help your heart. While some people are skeptical, […]