What's an Advanced Practice Provider? - Cardiology Associates of Michigan - Michigan's Best Heart Doctors
Physician Assistants Ann Boeskool and Laura Nielsen are Advanced Practice Providers available to care for heart patients' cardiovascular needs.

What’s an Advanced Practice Provider?

As a patient, you may have heard the term Advanced Practice Provider and wondered what that actually meant.

We are proud to announce that we have two here at Cardiology Associates of Michigan, and that they are available to care for you and your cardiovascular needs on an enhanced level.

APPs have master’s degrees or higher, and they are board-certified by national organizations and licensed by the state of Michigan. All APPs must also complete continuing education requirements and regularly undergo a recertification process.

Because of their advanced training, APPs may:

  • Conduct histories, physical exams, and post-hospital follow-up appointments
  • Order lab work, X-rays, and other tests
  • Help patients manage chronic conditions like heart disease, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, and dyslipidemia
  • Make referrals to specialists or other services
  • Prescribe medications

One of our Advanced Practice Providers is Ms. Ann Boeskool, MS, PA-C, who has been with the Cardiology Associates of Michigan family for 10 years. A new addition to the team is Ms.  Laura Nielsen, FNP-BC, who also has earned the APP designation.

Working at both the hospitals and our offices, they are an integral part of the patient care team here at CAM.  Because APPs work closely with physicians, patients can rest assured that they have a cohesive team working together for the best care possible for them and their families.