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Mother and Son Rely on Cardiology Associates of Michigan to Monitor Heart Health

When Ryan experienced a heart attack in Mexico, there was no question about where he would be treated once he came back to the United States.

His mother, Maria, had been seeing Cardiology Associates of Michigan’s Dr. Mouhammed Joumaa for a couple years at that time, mainly to proactively monitor her own heart health. When her son needed help urgently, however, she knew Dr. Joumaa and the rest of the cardiology team there would show him as much compassion as they had shown her over the years.

Maria’s Story

Maria, 74, has been with Cardiology Associates of Michigan for about seven years, beginning at a time when she felt that her heart was racing. Her general physician had advised her to go to the emergency room, and she stayed overnight at a medical facility in Port Huron. It was unclear why her heart was racing, she was told, and it was attributed to factors such as stress.

After she was released, she asked her doctor for a recommendation for a cardiologist, and he recommended Dr. Joumaa.

At first, she visited Dr. Joumaa every six months, and then her visits were reduced to once per year. She has been seeing Dr. Joumaa for about seven years now, and she has nothing but positive things to say.

“I could never find anything unkind to say about him,” she said.

She had another incident this summer in which she felt that her heart was racing and not functioning normally. Because Dr. Joumaa wasn’t immediately available, she was treated by others at Cardiology Associates of Michigan. She said she had a similarly positive experience, one which made her feel comforted and at ease.

Ryan’s Story

Ryan’s experiences with Dr. Joumaa began about six years ago when he was only 35. At that time, he had been traveling in Mexico when a genetic disorder he didn’t know he had led to a heart attack. It took 72 hours until he could be treated because he was moved to three different hospitals, none of which would treat him until he had cash. After the procedure was completed in Mexico, he was sent back to his hotel without medications or other assistance.

As soon as he returned to the States two days later, he went to Cardiology Associates of Michigan, and he has been a patient there since then.

He only needed one stent when he was in Mexico, but so much damage occurred during that time period that the subsequent damage remains with him until today.  After his initial heart attack, he has experienced blood clots and various other issues, and a defibrillator has been implanted.  He continues to see Dr. Joumaa and other health care professionals on a regular basis.

“I know Dr. Joumaa as a patient and the parent of a patient,” Maria said, adding that both of them have had positive experiences with Dr. Joumaa and any other health care professionals they have seen at Cardiology Associates of Michigan.