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Cardiology Associates of Michigan offers the TAVR procedure.

TAVR Procedure: Cardiology Associates of Michigan Patients Feel Renewed after Treatment

Cardiology Associates of Michigan is proud to be able to offer the TAVR procedure (heart valve replacement) for suitable candidates. Patients who have undergone a TAVR have had nothing but positive things to say about the procedure and are often amazed with its results.

What is the TAVR Procedure?

TAVR stands for transcatheter aortic valve replacement. It is a minimally invasive procedure wherein a replacement valve is wedged into the aortic valve’s place without the removal of the old, damaged valve.

The fully collapsible replacement valve is delivered through a catheter. Once the new valve is expanded, it pushes the old valve out of the way, allowing the replacement valve to take over the function of the old valve.

A traditional valve replacement requires open heart surgery. This TAVR procedure offers an alternative to those patients who are not able to undergo open heart surgery.

Cardiology Associates of Michigan patients are often amazed with the procedure and its results.

Patient Stories: Bernadine M.

Dr. Mark Zainea of Cardiology Associates of Michigan may offer the TAVR procedure for suitable candidates.

Dr. Mark Zainea

Bernadine M., 80, of Warren has been a patient of Dr. Mark Zainea for many years. Through the years her echocardiograms showed that her heart condition was worsening. Dr. Zainea had informed her along the way that eventually the problem would need to be addressed.

She underwent the TAVR procedure in July 2018, and she is very pleased and has had nothing but positive results.

“The procedure went great,” she said. “The doctor and all the team was excellent. I could not say enough about any of them.”

She said she was more at ease than she thought she would be because they kept her informed every step of the way.

Today, she no longer feels shortness of breath, and if not for the arthritis in her back, she would feel absolutely fine.

“I was thoroughly amazed at how quickly I recovered,” she said.

Patient Stories: George H.

In November 2017, George H. found himself facing a tough predicament. Today, he’s on the road to a full recovery.

His story began in January 2017. He was having trouble with his legs, and walking had become difficult. One of his legs tightened up completely and stopped functioning the way it should. Therapy helped slightly, but not enough.

George was hospitalized in November 2017 and underwent a series of tests which led to the discovery of a spinal cord problem. Several of the vertebra in his spinal column were pressing on nerves, causing pain in his back and legs.

During the completion of this testing, a heart valve problem was discovered. Although he needed surgery for his back, his heart would not be able to deal with the physical stress of it.

His cardiologist and back surgeon worked together and decided that the deficient heart valve needed to be replaced. His TAVR procedure was completed in April 2018.

“The procedure to me was absolutely amazing that they can go in through an artery and place this new valve into the middle of the current valve and get it to work immediately,” George said. “I couldn’t believe that there was no pain associated with that. I just expected that there would be a lot of pain in the heart, but there was none.”

George soon experienced several positive effects of the procedure. His breathing and mobility improved due to better circulation. Swelling in his body and legs decreased, leading to the loss of 25 pounds associated with fluid retention.

In October 2018, George finally underwent back surgery which has further helped resolve a number of health issues.

He still has a way to go before his legs will allow him to get around easily, but it’s all coming about, he said. He currently resides in an assisted living location in Sterling Heights. He plans to move back home once his recovery is complete.