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Lillian F.

“I just love the man, that’s all, and everyone I know loves him, and we recommend him. We think he is topnotch. Whatever he’s doing for me, I got a good quality of life from him. For being 85 years old, I feel as if I don’t even have a bad heart.”

This is what Lillian Fisher enthusiastically says about Dr. Mark Zainea, chief cardiologist at Cardiology Associates of Michigan.

For several years, Lillian has been treated by Dr. Zainea for a thick heart, more technically called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. She says she appreciates that Dr. Zainea and the rest of the doctors and staff at Cardiology Associates of Michigan take the time to thoroughly explain her condition and recommended treatments to her.

Dr. Zainea’s compassionate care and attention has helped save both Lillian and her husband multiple times over the years.

He once saved her husband’s life when her husband’s intestine had been accidentally nipped during an unrelated surgery by another doctor. Her husband became extremely ill as a result of the incident, and Dr. Zainea, who happened to be at the location for other purposes, saw what was happening and recommended her husband for emergency treatment immediately.

Recently, Lillian felt discomfort after she helped throw her granddaughter a shower, and two days later she discovered she had atrial fibrillation, better known as AFib. She was then given a catheterization, and her life returned to normal shortly afterward.

“I just love my life, that’s all,” Lillian said one day in October 2018, “and I feel as if it’s all due to Dr. Zainea, and he’s helped my husband too. In fact, my husband is out there golfing today.”

By taking prescribed medication and being educated about the proper ways to care for her heart and overall health, Lillian continues to lead an exceptional quality of life. When she was 83, she was still downhill skiing, and she continues to enjoy gardening and playing 18 holes of golf.

“Everybody I know that goes to him love him. He’s the best cardiologist we’ve ever had. I wouldn’t change for the world.”

She feels confident in her ability to do nearly anything she wants to do due to her heart care regimen under the care of the Cardiology Associates of Michigan doctors and staff.

“I don’t even feel as if I have a bad heart. I have no problems whatsoever.”