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Donna M.

“He’s a godsend, and the medication he prescribed to me has been a miracle drug. I am eternally grateful to him, and his staff is just wonderful.”

This is how Donna M. describes Dr. Mouhammed Joumaa, who took her from a potentially fatal state of congestive heart failure to a quality of life that is immensely better than the one she had before.

Donna had been experiencing weakness and shortness of breath for quite some time, but did not realize how serious the condition was until she took advantage of a low-cost cardiac screening that was offered at St. John Hospital. After failing the echocardiogram during this screening, she made an appointment with Dr. Joumaa, who she knew of through her father.

Dr. Joumaa ordered a stress test, which came back with troubling results, leading him to prescribe medication to help her. After Labor Day 2017, however, her shortness of breath worsened, and she was admitted for treatment. Three stents later, her condition did improve temporarily.

In November, she experienced swelling and shortness of breath once again due to the fact that she was in a state of congestive heart failure. She was admitted into the hospital and later was placed on a regimen that included monitored cardiac rehabilitation and use of the Entresto prescription drug. Because she was at risk for sudden cardiac death, she was also given a Zoll LifeVest, which includes an external defibrillator.

Her condition has since greatly improved, as has her ability to enjoy life more completely. Although her heart function is still low as of the fall of 2018, she no longer wears the LifeVest and no longer needs the higher level of cardiac rehabilitation. She hasn’t had any more issues, but she continues to monitor her health and participate in a lower level rehab program, which is central to strengthening her heart. She continues the program there by choice because she feels secure knowing that she has the support and encouragement from the Cardiology Associates of Michigan team.